Benedetta DionisiBenedetta Dionisi
28 anni
” “I chose to be a volunteer for Verona Biblioteca Capitolare because
I’m a book lover! Not a coincidence my graduation thesis
Was focused on this subject!”
Nadia GioriNadia Giori
25 anni
““Be a volunteer for Verona Capitolare Library means becoming a keeper of an invaluable heritage which would otherwise disappear.””

Arianna ScarmagnaniArianna Scarmagnani

“Considerate la vostra semenza: fatti non foste a viver come bruti ma per seguir virtute e canoscenza“.
Nadia CrisciNadia Crisci
32 anni
“I chose to be a part of this project because
Culture makes your soul richer and feeds the thirst for knowledge”
Ilaria FerrariIlaria Ferrari
25 anni
““Promoting the Biblioteca Capitolare means building a bridge through which man can find the roots of the past To understand the present and transform the future.””
Verdiana CordioliVerdiana Cordioli
25 anni
““Culture is the only good of humanity that, if shared, becomes bigger instead of decrease. Sharing is caring! #weloveCapitolare”
Michela BonazziMichela Bonazzi
39 anni
“I think it’s important to promote what so far has been knowledge
of just a few, to make it a treasure for everybody:
Biblioteca Capitolare is a pearl which must shine!”
Hi, i’m Alberto, I study at the University and I am a volunteer at the Biblioteca Capitolare of Verona because i belive in the cultural development project promoted by Fondazione Discanto. This Library is a unique treasure in the world, its story deserves to be known, its rooms to be visited and its treasures to be revealed and told.