Monographs: 72.000
Annual increase: 200
Donations: 50

Old collections

manuscripts: 1.200
incunabola: 245
books of the sixteenth century: 2.500
books of the seventeenth century: 2.800

Particulars deposits

Archive of the Chapter of Canons: 11.000 parchments
Paper deposit and various Mense: 900 folders
Deposit Colleggiata S. Elena: 51 buste
Deposit Francis Pellegrini: volumes of medicine and a herbarium (sec. XVI-XX)
Deposit G.B. Carlo Giuliari: 1.000 parchments, drawings and cadastral maps
Deposit Joseph Trecca: general collection of literature and art
Deposit Joseph Zamboni: manuscripts of the philosopher and his library
Deposit Mensa accoliti: 51 folders, cards of the mensa (sec. XVI-XX)
music storage: 87 envelopes, scores, compositions (sec. XVI-XVIII)

Photographic collections
name major collections/partitions:
– Deposit Sichel (reproduction of manuscripts), photographer Lotze
– Deposit Trecca (reproduction of manuscripts) negative plates
– Deposit Simeoni (200-300 negative plates and original prints)
Principal authors: Lotze
Main topics
: Verona, portraits ecc.

Periodicals: 40
Journals kept: 60
Microfilm: all manuscripts
Video files: 1 (Chapter Library)
Books can not be borrowed: all