The artistic collections stored in the Biblioteca Capitolare of Verona have a story with remote origins, closely linked to the events of Capitolo dei Canonici of the Cathedral.

It is a collection born most part, from the donations of the Canonici, but alos form privates, to the Capitolo and his circles, like the sacristy in the Cathedral, the reunion hall and the Library, bringstogether objects that comes from Churches linked with the Capitolo (Sant’Elena and the Cathedral), or found during the archaeological excavation in the cloister internal area.

We have certain information about the construction of a collection of artworks, property of the Capitolo, starting from the 17th century, with the donation from the Canonico Stefano Trentossi (1673) of 60s paintings, some of them survivors, destinated for testamentary will to decorate the walls of the sacristy than increased with other donations. A real museum was made up but just in our after-war, with the reunion and the exposition of that paintings in the Biblioteca Capitolare, where they were mixed with its historical memories, donations (We remind the donations ofScipione Maffei, and the Canonici Francesco Bianchini and Gian Giacomo Dionisi), and most recent objects, from privates or from diocese’s Churches.

The recent restoration of the canonicali buildings has permitted the enlargement of the museum and the most complete presentation of these collections, with the exibition, not only of the most important pices, that were already exposed, but also of collections that were inaccessible, as archaeological materials and religious decors.

Don’t forget that the museum (in some rooms with murals and decorated roof) is set up in the Cathedral cloister, in an area that insist on the remains of two paleochristian basiliche dating back ato the 4th and 5th century A.D. today partially visitable under the same cloister and under Sant’Elena and that, with the cloister, the adjacent Chatedral and the Biblioteca Capitolare, constitute the ideal premise for the visit.