The Capitolare of Verona is an institution famous for the antiquity and preciousness of its more than 1,200 manuscripts: palaeographer Elias Avery Lowe (1879-1969) called it 'the queen of ecclesiastical collections'. Thousands of printed texts of rare and valuable editions further enrich the collection, which is complemented by contemporary texts on history, palaeography, codicology, art history, and other disciplines that are fundamental to the study of these works. In addition to manuscripts and printed texts, there is a rich archive attesting to the activity of the Canons of Verona over the centuries, to which are added funds donated by private individuals and organisations.

One of the cornerstones of the Foundation's mission is precisely to encourage the study and analysis of these collections.

Scientific research in fact represents the first form of valorisation of the heritage, enabling its correct interpretation, and passing on knowledge. To pursue this objective, our Consultation Room is open to scholars and researchers from all over the world: an exclusively dedicated area where they can carry out investigations and research on the documents of the Capitolare, with the support of our staff.


- reference, consultation and room service;
- photocopying service, both for study purposes and for publications, to be requested using the appropriate forms on the premises or by requesting them from
- photocopying service for modern publications, in compliance with current legislation;
- Wi-Fi internet
- cloakroom.


The Biblioteca Capitolare is part of Polo delle Biblioteche Ecclesiastiche (PBE).

Among the projects in process:
Manus Online
Bernstein Project


To access the Study Area, users must observe and accept the Regulations of the Capitolare Library and Archives.

The Room is accessible from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Entrance from Piazza Duomo n. 13.

Reservation, to be made by e-mail, is compulsory as seating is limited.



A first approach to the patrimony of manuscripts kept in the Capitolare is possible through the subject indexes available at this link.

For a more in-depth research please refer to the catalogue compiled by don Antonio Spagnolo between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century and later revised and published in the volume: A. Spagnolo, I Manoscritti della Biblioteca Capitolare di Verona, S. Marchi (a cura di), Mazziana, Verona 1996.

Copies of this publication are available to researchers in the Consultation Room together with copies of the various paper catalogues of the various sections of the Library.

Printed texts  

The computer cataloguing of printed texts - from incunabula to 20th and 21st century texts - is in progress.

For an initial search you can consult our ONLINE CATALOGUE or the constantly updated BEWEB OPAC.


In order to facilitate researchers in the study of manuscripts, printed texts and archives, the Library provides a descriptive and bibliographical approach document to these sections, which can be downloaded at the following link.



tel. +39 045 596516

Head of Consultation Room: Mons. Pierluigi Sguazzardo